It’s a Little Too Late

My soul is breakin
Everything within me shakin
All these words
Can’t find one to describe the pain
I feel inside
Just tired of living this lie

I’m sorry I’ve just been hanging with the other crowd
For a little too long (a little too long)
But it’s too late now
I’m a little too far gone (too far gone)
There was once a time
When you could’ve helped me before
You should’ve helped me before
When you knew something was wrong

Are those cuts on my wrists?
You wait for some sign of defense
But I’ve been through this some many times
It no longer feels like lying
The only control I have over my life
So you can be damn sure
I’m going to that knife
I’m going to cut again tonight
And wrong what’s right
Until there’s no more pain


That’s just how the story plays out
There’s nothing you can do anymore
Yeah keep talking through the door
The music’s way too loud
I can just keep tuning you out
And there’s nothing you can do about it
You can stop fighting, I won’t blame you if you quit
It’s a little too late now
There’s no bringing me back


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