Friends ♥

Those were the good times
The days I’ll never forget
Laughing and smiling with you
Fighting and crying with you
When we’d stay talking all night long
And into the early morn’
oh yeah, those were the good days
But in the blink of an eye it was all gone
We went our separate ways
Reason why I’m here writing this song
Because of you, because of you
I don’t want to ever forget those days
I wish all of us could’ve stayed the same
But people grow up
People change
Not going to worry though
There’s nothing you can do
Strangers who became my friends
Now your just friends who became strangers
Memories come flooding back
I wish I could rewind the track of my life
Relive out those days
Keep the promises we made
To forever be friends
And always stay the same
Unlucky for me, I don’t have a time machine
So I’ll just close my eyes
Clear my heart, and let it go
But I’ll never forget the good old days
That’s just the crazyness of life ❤


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