I’ve changed 99% within the past year, if you knew me before, you probably wouldn’t remember me now. I’m just some girl who is trying to figure herself out in life… I’m not yet at the point where I know who I am. I’m still trying to find out who I really need in my life and who I don’t; either you’re going to learn to deal with it or you’re going to let me go. I’ve taken a step back and realized how people look when they do certain things and how it effects people and I have bettered myself from that image. It drives me insane when someone does something and doesn’t have enough courage to say, “Yes I did it, and I’m sorry. I was wrong,” or anything close to that statement. I tend to spend alot of my time thinking about things that I could have said or done better all the time, I criticize myself like you wouldn’t believe. I spend alot of my time living in the past, and reliving my mistakes. When I mess up I know that I have; therefore I don’t need to hear it from you also. I want to fall in love, not the Disney fairytale crap, but I just want to be really happy for once. I think people should dislike each other. It builds character and competition, I think it brings out who someone really is. I’m really horrible at letting go; I’ll always have a place for every person that has ever entered my life, it may be a different kind of place, but there will always be one. I’m going to stand my ground, so don’t think for one second you’re going to see me fall. I’ll put up a fight because I know that life will go on and 99.9% of the time things will get better. I promise you, one day I’m going to make it big in this world. I like to try and figure everyone out, it’s interesting to me; who people really are. Unfortunately people are getting so fake these days it can be hard to tell. I love people that hug, it makes my day when somebody just randomly hugs me; to me it’s the little things that count. Honestly, I love to hear what people think, and I can’t pretend like their opinions don’t mean a thing to me, because they do even if I pretend otherwise. To sum it all up I’m just a small town girl with bigger dreams than the world itself, with the ability to reach every single one of them. Oh and by the way you can call me Evon.

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