June 8, 2012

In my room listening to One Direction, feeling kind of down and alone. I felt this mood slowly creeping on me all day. It’s daunting. It’s gotta hold on me at the moment, trying to shake free. Why is it always so much easier to give up then to keep fighting? Another one of the worlds many mysteries I guess. Hope your guys’ day has been better than mine. Don’t feel like posting anything else  today. But will post 2x as much tomorrow. Later.


I’ve Been Here

Chords: G, D, Em, C

I remember that first day of junior year
You started to get a bit insincere about your life
It caused so much strife
Everyday was the same ole game
So much struggle, so much pain
It started to get too much
We stopped staying in touch but

I’ve been here
Always here
In the back of your mind
At the end of the line
I’ve been here
Always here
No matter what you said
I’d always be your friend

When she left you all alone
Who was with you on the phone?
It was me
Always has been me
Now that you’re gone
How will my life go on?
So hard without you near
But I want you to know


As years go by
I sit here and cry
We never had the closure
I can’t believe it’s over
So I sit here and try
To forget you and I
Try and try and try
To finally realize
That it’s over
Finally over

An Extraordinary Friend

There’s a special bond there

Between girls and horses

Something no one can touch

It’s always been a mystery

But to me there’s just a connection between us

The exhilaration we feel when we see them

The first day a girl meets a horse

It’s like something clicks

We’re connected through spirit and mind

We sense danger when our horse does

We never push them too hard

We know when to stop and take a break

Because of that special bond

It’s like a natural feeling

A bond between a girl and her horse

It’s something special

So we hold on to it

Everything in your life could be hectic

But you know you will always have that bond

You have something you can trust

You can rely on to get you through

Yeah there’s something special

Between a girl and her horse

June 6, 2012

 Today has been a pretty busy day. I’m happier, than  usual and it’s one of those rare occasions were I feel like I’m on top of the world. Maybe because I’ve been listening to “Lights” by Elle Goulding all day! (or maybe it’s because it’s so beautiful outside) I don’t want to waste this fabulous day at the computer, so I’m not going to post much today. I’ll leave you with another horse poem and lyric. Then I’m off to watch “Dear John.” Oh btw I have made changes to my blog, and I would really appreciate it if you would comment, whether you like it or not. Thanks. 

~Stay lovely.

P.S. Just thought I’d share the song. Elle Goulding – Lights

A Life Worth Fighting For

Just one last breath

That’s all I ask, that’s all I ask

Just one last ride through those emerald hills

That’s all I ask, that’s all I ask

Just one more opportunity

That’s all I ask, that’s all I ask

Just so I can prove myself to you

That’s all I ask, that’s all I ask

I was born to be free

Just let me survive

That’s all I ask, that’s all I ask


Fly with the wind

Soar through the clouds

Horse and Rider

Our feet won’t touch the ground

Together as one

Our bond is strong

Impenetrable by any person or thing

Two stars in the sky

Let’s dance in the breeze

Together as one

Horse and Rider


In the summer of ’11 I met this guy named Donnie. He was a really sweet, honest, talented, and awesome person. I will forever cherish having him as a friend. He wrote many lyrics for me, but sadly this is the only one I have left. ❤

“Please don’t let me change your mind
Please just listen to this rhyme,
I will mine deep within the sands of time,
Waiting for you to be mine,
Whenever ever you think of everything you mean to me,
I will let go of myself to satisfy who you are,
I will tear myself apart,
If I gain your heart,
Then I’m fine again today”