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I’ve Been Here

Chords: G, D, Em, C

I remember that first day of junior year
You started to get a bit insincere about your life
It caused so much strife
Everyday was the same ole game
So much struggle, so much pain
It started to get too much
We stopped staying in touch but

I’ve been here
Always here
In the back of your mind
At the end of the line
I’ve been here
Always here
No matter what you said
I’d always be your friend

When she left you all alone
Who was with you on the phone?
It was me
Always has been me
Now that you’re gone
How will my life go on?
So hard without you near
But I want you to know


As years go by
I sit here and cry
We never had the closure
I can’t believe it’s over
So I sit here and try
To forget you and I
Try and try and try
To finally realize
That it’s over
Finally over